At Roof Fix Roofing Specialist Ltd we have years of experience within the trade, providing the best and most effective roof repair solutions for our customers. We are always prepared to help

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Our in house team are highly trained to plan and undertake a wide range of roofing repairs. We will begin by inspecting the area of roofing which has been damage or begun to decay, checking for the cause and seeing if this area has affected the rest of the roof. After this we will then plan a range of different options and solutions for you to choose from, helping to tailor to fit within any budget. Once we have finalised on a plan our team will go about organising everything from materials and tools through to scaffolding, if necessary.

We will only ever offer the option of a brand new roof if there is no other option. In the event of this we will also draft up a few design options for this.

Honest Service- we provide a quality and honest service for all of our customers, always offering you best option that can help save you money.

Efficient Solutions- using our years of experience we can install a roof repair solution in next to no time.

Quality Materials- we only use the finest materials to ensure that the repair last for years to come.



At Roof Fix Roofing Specialist Ltd we understand that if anything happens to your roof you whole life can come to hault. Acting fast and efficiently our roofers can be at your property within the hour, inspecting the property over and installing temporary solutions while we organise a long term solution.

When it comes to storm season, all of our roofers are ready and waiting by the phone to respond. While on route we will be talking through precautions you can take to help minimise damage to your property.

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While we inspect your property for any repair we will also check over every aspect of your roof. Our team will look for anything that could cause you any further cost, checking through the structure of the roof and checking for any cracks or damage in your drainage system. Once we are finished we will give you breakdown of what we found and also a few prices for how we could fix it for you.

Free Quote- If we were to find any faults we will provide you with a full breakdown of the cost so you can make an informed decision.

Planning- we will put a plan in place for the job and show you how we would carry out the the repairs.


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Here at Roof Fix Roofing Specialist Ltd we can provide you with fast and high quality roofing repairs. Working 24/7 to help  you in any emergency you could face.

We supply London, Surrey, Hampshire and Berskshire with roofing services to commercial, industrial and domestic clients


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